Capsule Wardrobe: Transitional Edit

Hello my Loves and welcome back! Hope your’e all well and keeping safe. Its been so long since my last post that the whole world has changed! I know fashion/style aren’t the most important things rn but I believe that having something to focus on especially in troubling times is a good thing, especially where our mental well being is concerned.

I thought creating a capsule wardrobe of transitional style ideas would hopefully bring a bit of fun and provide some inspirational light reading.

What is a ‘Capsule Wardrobe‘? you would have heard these words mentioned a thousand times ahah a Capsule Wardrobe is a selection of easy to wear and remix items, including basic/ key pieces that you can dress up and down, wear every day of the week which makes choosing an outfit in the mornings so much easier to navigate and avoiding those “I have nothing to wear” stressful moments sat on the edge of your bed which we’ve all had amiright? This is also perfect for those of you that want to condense your wardrobes coinciding with ‘wear more buy less’ or just don’t have much time to spare in the mornings.

I didn’t want to be too overwhelming and bombard with a thousand images of fits, so I thought I’d include around 10 items not including shoes and accessories, just to give an idea of how easy it is to edit and remix your wardrobe and how it all works. How many items you add is totally up to you, my style is a little grungy/boho with vintage nods, hopefully this will give you some new found ideas to incorporate your own style injection.

What Iv’e included:

1/ jeans

2/ plain black tee

3/ a band tee ; )

4/ a shirt

5/ a jumper

6/ a cardi

7/ a midi skirt

8/ smock dress

9/ a blazer

10/ a leather jacket

And then a few pairs of ankle boots and my newly thrifted converse ; ) I love Autumn and may have mentioned that once or twice haha coming into the new season is the perfect time to sort through your existing wardrobe before you start and sort out into 3 piles, 1/ items you haven’t worn in more than a year, Donate 2/ items you always wear and 3/ the ones you’re not sure about, seeing all of those ones in one place, you may notice new outfit combos you wouldn’t have seen hiding away in your wardrobes.

Lets start off with the basics, a plain tee in however many colours you chose is a pretty versatile piece just like a roll neck, both can be dressed up and down with not a lot of effort, you can layer them under and over other items in your carefully curated wardrobe, layer up with necklaces, a midi and ankle boots for impromptu nights out/ add a blazer clutch and jeans or pair with mom jeans/ leather jacket and your fave trainers for day casj.

For the JEANS AND A NICE TOP combo a shirt, weather plain or printed is another wardrobe hero and obvs Ive chosen a printed one which is also a happy chazza find for this edit! why not also layer under a slip dress or with a midi/ tied in a knot with jeans and your fave heels?

Jeans and a nice top

Nothing says Autumn and Transitional than a cute jumper, after all ‘sweater weather’ pending! both the blazer and knit are ‘preloved’ beauties. I am all about mixing texture and layering and A/W for me is when the dressing up begins! This has to be one of my favourite stylings, perfect for those crisp Autumnal bonfire smoke in the air *im the weirdo that loves that smell* walks with a PSL in hand obvs!

It wouldn’t be Autumn if we didn’t include a bit of check print, basically the spring summer cousin of that other fab print I love, Gingham. This smock dress is from Newlook and is a new-ish purchase that I have been enjoying wearing whilst bored in the house, in the house bored! I absolutely Love a smock because of all the reasons lets face it, easy to throw on and go, cute for both day and night styling. From the summer sandal and a light denim jacket to a bit of leather, stompy boots and sheer tights, giving your spring summer buys more versatile wear.

Of course It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t feature my old friend the band tee, basically my default fit haha many of us have a ton of clothes but always gravitate to the same 3 or 4 items every day *inserts monkey hands over eyes emoji* If your’re not a fan of the band tee, you could opt for a logo one, this green bloom one was a recent newlook buy, and the band one I decided to cut off the arms to give this recent thrift guy a new lease of life and fit in with my style and all round aesthetics, I appreciate my style isn’t every ones cup of tea, re working the same items with other pieces will hopefully show you how non stressful it will be creating new looks with what you already have in your wardrobes/ thrifted items or new buys. I’d also wear the band tee with black skinnies, my fave pair of black velvet boots, layer up some chains to toughen up the look and pair with a rust oversized blazer *which I’m on the hunt for* giving it a cool trendy ‘oh this old thing’ vibe! ; )

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you’d like to see more of this kind of post, I feel like it would’ve been so easy to carry on posting! haha

I’m thinking about including an addition to this post incorporating some going out/ occasion styling as this was all pretty casj.

Dont forget to check out my Insta for loads more styling inspo, shout out to my fellow curvy girls out there! I really enjoyed creating this post and it feels good to be back! ; )

Thank You So Much, Rachael X

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